Cocktail of Cocaine, Alcohol, And Diabetes

Cocktail of Cocaine, Alcohol, And Diabetes

At this point in my story, I was rapidly spiraling into the depths of my addiction to cocaine. I knew cocaine was a dangerous drug, but I loved how it made me feel so much that I didn’t care. What I didn’t realize was that my diabetes put me at even higher risk of health problems or even death from my cocaine use.

The cocaine made me feel invincible, so I wasn’t as careful about my health in general when I was high. I wasn’t preparing or eating my snacks, and I forgot to take my insulin many times. This made me crash at work or out partying several times. I could feel my high blood sugar and felt sick and had to go home to take care of myself.

Cocaine is a stimulant drug and suppresses appetite. This is very bad for someone with diabetes because we need to eat frequently to regulate our blood sugar levels. I simply wasn’t hungry most of the time, and I lost a lot of weight that I didn’t need to lose in the first place. I wasn’t eating as regularly as I should because the thought of food repulsed me or I just forgot to eat.

I was going all day at work without eating and then going out at night and drinking tons of alcohol. This is a recipe for deadly disaster for anyone, and especially for a diabetic person.

While it’s possible and safe for a person with any type of diabetes to drink alcohol, we have to be careful about it, just like anything else we put in our bodies. Since people with diabetes already struggle with regulating blood sugar, and alcohol mostly turns into sugar in the body, it is important to count carbs and eat with alcohol, drink lots of water and monitor blood sugar while drinking. Excessive or even moderate drinking is believed to cause diabetes.

The cocaine and the alcohol both impaired my judgment, so I wasn’t making the best decisions for my health anyway.

I was wrecking my body and putting myself in a very dangerous state.

Keep reading to find out how I hit rock bottom.