From One Addiction To Another

From One Addiction To Another

Eating disorders for women with Type 1 diabetes are 2.4 times more likely to develop. It is common enough to have a name, diabulimia, and women can be known to abuse their insulin to help them lose weight.

This isn’t a problem with just women though, and I guess I should tell you my side of the story. I’m a guy who has diabetes and who has also had issues with eating. I went from addiction issues to problems with eating.

What Is Diabetes exactly?

It can be important to know a bit about diabetes, so we will have a quick run-down just in case to help you understand. Diabetes is a disease. When someone has this disease, their body’s blood glucose levels are too high. This is due to them having issues with insulin, a hormone the body naturally produces.

People eat food, obviously, and when they eat it is turned into glucose and enters the bloodstream. Glucose is a form of sugar.

The pancreas helps by making insulin which is used to turn the glucose into energy. Then the cells can use insulin. If there isn’t enough insulin produced then it can’t help process all that glucose that we are always taking in. It stays in the bloodstream which isn’t healthy or safe.

There are a few different types of diabetes.

Studies have shown that about half of people with diabetes have disordered problems. That means they have issues with food or eating.

So when I finally quit my bad habits, I guess I decided to start some new ones. So what happened was that I already struggled with food while I struggled with my addiction.

So when I finally started to hit recovery that was great, but I didn’t really do a great job working on eating. Food never really appealed to me and I was tired of yet another thing coming in between me and control of my own body.

I’d lost so much to addiction already did I really have to give in to my diabetes as well? There’s some binge eating disorder symptoms that I had, meaning I would go a while without eating. Then I’d end up binge eating quite a lot of food to the point of making myself sick, it wasn’t healthy.

Luckily I eventually got help with that, and now I’m doing a lot better. Thanks for sticking with me through my story guys.