“Sugar Party” Every Night and Playing With Fire

“Sugar Party” Every Night and Playing With Fire

I described in my last post how I first came across cocaine.

Ever since that first hit, supplied to me by a coworker, I was in love with the drug.

I could concentrate better than ever, had amazing ideas, and almost never had the need to sleep. I felt great; happy and energetic. My productivity, which was already high, soared on cocaine, and I easily beat out the others for the promotion.

At this point, I had more money than I knew what to do with, and a bit more free time since I wasn’t trying to fight for a promotion. This, along with my new habit, was a dangerous combination.

Cocaine was expensive, but as I said, I had more money than I knew what to do with. While it wasn’t true that everybody in the office did coke, a fair amount of them did, and it was largely overlooked in the workplace, as long as you were showing up, and your numbers were good.

I started going out with the other guys from the office that did coke and partying after work and on weekends. We would get high out of our minds on cocaine and drink like fishes. One of the effects of cocaine for me was that it made me crave alcohol, and made me not feel its effects as much. This is especially dangerous for someone with diabetes because of the sugar content in alcohol.

So I was drinking almost every night and getting high on cocaine almost every day and night at this point, with almost no consequences.

Keep reading to see where my diabetes comes in and how things turned out for me.