Times When Insulin Was Cool

Times When Insulin Was Cool

I mentioned in my first post describing this blog that I wanted to talk about both addiction and diabetes since I have struggled to form both issues in my life. My addiction issues didn’t surface until I was in my twenties, but I have lived with diabetes for much longer than that.

I have lived with Type 1 Diabetes for as long as I can remember. Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes are both chronic illnesses that affect the body’s ability to regulate glucose or sugar. Glucose is necessary to feed cells in the body, but it cannot enter cells without insulin. If you have Type 1 Diabetes, like me, your body does not produce insulin at all. If you have Type 2 Diabetes, your body does not respond well to insulin, and later on, may not make insulin at all either. High blood sugar is a risk for both types.

Some of my first memories in school were my daily visits to the nurse’s office. I wasn’t sick, but my mom had explained to me that because of diabetes, I needed to have a snack and take my insulin. She said that I was special, and that snack time was my special “quiet time” with the nurse. The needles to inject the insulin didn’t even bother me, and I always had a cool superhero bandage to show off to my friends. They didn’t make fun of me for having diabetes or having to go to the nurse every day. I think some of them were even jealous that I got to leave class and have a snack.

It was cool, too, when for a few years there was another kid with diabetes in my grade, and we both went to the nurse at the same time for our snacks and insulin shots. We weren’t really friends because he was in a different class, and so had a separate recess and lunchtime, but it was cool to know that there was another special kid who saw the nurse every day with me. When we passed each other in the hallways in line, we would flash each other our matching bandages and smile. We had a secret together. After a few years, he moved away again, though, and I was back to being the only kid I knew with diabetes.

Now you know a little about my diabetes. Keep reading to hear about my drug addiction.