Even Our Boss Does It

Even Our Boss Does It

I talked in my last post about my exciting new job in finance, and how I was working long hard hours trying to make as much money as possible and get promoted.

I was up against a couple of other guys who had been hired around the same time as me for the promotion. We were all killing ourselves working crazy hours and trying to work on as many accounts as possible to impress our bosses and move up in the company.

One night, I was at work late. I’m not sure how late, but I remember it was already dark outside. One of my coworkers stopped by my desk.

“Burning the midnight oil, George-David?” he said.

I groaned and laid my head on my desk. “I’m dying here, man. I need that promotion!”

“You know what will help?” he asked slyly. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a little gold pillbox. I thought he was going to offer me Adderall or a caffeine pill or something. I knew a lot of guys in the office took ADHD medicine to stay focused and boost their energy, whether they were prescribed it or not.

Instead, he pinched a little bit of white powder out of the container, sprinkled it in a line across his knuckle, raised his hand to his nose and sniffed. The powder flew up his nose, and he smiled.

“Nothing like it,” he said, his eyes looking a little brighter.

I realized it was cocaine. I had seen some people doing it in college but had never been interested in trying it myself. I thought it was just a party drug and was shocked to see someone snorting it at work.

“No thanks, man!” I said wildly, looking around in a panic to see if anyone had seen what he had just done.

“Relax!” my coworker laughed. “Everyone does it. Hell, our bosses do it. And you can bet those guys you’re up against for the promotion are doing it. Might as well level the playing field.” He shrugged and extended the little pillbox to me.

I hesitated for a second. I never did drugs, but if what he was saying was true, then the only thing I had to lose was my promotion. Suddenly, the late hours and bright eyes everyone in the office seemed to have made more sense.

So I took the box, pinched the powder as he did, spread it across the back of my hand and snorted it. He instructed me to rub the residue left on my hand up against my gums.

And that was it. I was instantly hooked.